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A Total Cost Approach to managing your specific needs

What is asset management?

Asset management is our ability to integrate with, and offer services to reduce the maintenance and administration costs associated with your inventory.

TER offers through life support for all of your instrumentation needs. This can cover everything from purchase to retirement.

We seek to reduce costs and improve the flexibility of your inventory as a whole. The system can be as basic as just recalling and re-calibrating instruments through to the purchase of the assets and the TUPE transfer of staff. 


The size and complexity of your operation determines from where we would manage your facility.  TER then uses industry best practices and its outsourcing skills to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.  


Recalling Instruments:-

Who to?

TER can direct the recall to any person in your or any other organisation. This is on an instrument by instrument basis.

TER can arrange how any person receives their recall, this can include phone, fax, email or post.

How often?
Each instrument can have its own recall periodicity in months.

What are the key benefits of choosing TER as your preferred supplier.

Reduced Costs of Ownership

Streamlined inventory

Added mobile flexibility with hire and loan.

Optimised equipment when needed.

Standard scheduling procedure for calibration.

Online tracking with assured traceability.

Proven performance with continuous improvement.