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Electrical Power Supply and Electrical Power Distribution Industries

  • Why is TER the Sole supplier to the some of the UK's largest power distribution companies?
  • Why have some of these customers used TER repeatedly for over twenty years.
  • Supplying
    • Power Stations:-  all types from nuclear to wind farms
    • Distribution and grid networks
    • Supply networks
    • Metering stations
    • Electricians

In the risk averse industries TER provides all necessary assurances and has all the relevant quality/measurement certification.  All measurement are traceable back to national standards and the results are stored for 7 years minimum.  All calibrations are done by qualified electrical/electronic engineers not by operators as is becoming the norm.

To continue winning large contracts year-on-year TER has to develop continuous improvement and cost reduction schemes.  

TER specialises in providing an individually tailored solutions for each business unit within within a corporate account. We recognise that, just like people, departments/branches are different and therefore require an individual solution tailored to their needs.

Our national reputation and coverage gives us a unique opportunity to provide utility companies with a one-stop-shop for all instrument supply and maintenance.