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TER is one of the longest established and best-known Calibration Laboratories in the U.K. We have many long-term ongoing contracts with International Companies. We are also the SOLE calibration supplier to numerous large organisations. They trust our expertise when calibrating within the parameters listed in the capabilities section, and rely on our 50 years of experience to get the best possible deal on their behalf when subcontracting is required. Our calibration service is backed by our fleet of specially equipped vans that require no forms of packaging and provide a reliable collection and delivery service to all parts of the country.


Unlike many calibration laboratories in our field, TER Instruments possess a large standards room facility, permanently manned by qualified metrologists.
The Laboratory maintains primary standards which greatly reduce the length of our traceability chains back to National Standards.
The standards room works directly for the customer when instruments of high accuracy are involved but also carries out the internal audit functions on the calibration equipment used in other parts of the company.
The maintenance of these primary standards is probably the principal reason why we are chosen by so many companies to calibrate their Calibrators.


Optimisation is the adjustment made to an instrument which is either just outside calibration or even still within specification but approaching its limits. By bringing it back to its optimum reading at every calibration, TER reduces the risk of an instrument 'drifting' out of specification between calibrations and can even result in extended calibration frequencies.
This is a practice followed by TER which is very often charged as a separate 'repair' by many other calibration facilities.


Our facility was established in 1957, we evolved alongside the industry under the keen eyes of the Ministry of Defence and have grown by maintaining many international blue chip accounts. This pedigree has enabled our engineers to develop an in depth knowledge of their trade. We maintain a database which contains over 35,000 different types of instruments within our repair capabilities.

PAT Testing

Where applicable, every instrument passing through our facility is systematically safety checked and labeled.
A new string to TER's bow is our on-site PAT Testing facility. Competitively priced at current market rates, you and your staff will be able to rest assured that every check has been carried out by FULLY QUALIFIED ENGINEERS.

ON Site Requirements

TER is rightly proud of its on-site services. Dealing across many industries nationwide, our team of engineers work efficiently and unobtrusively to provide calibration where interference to production is unacceptable.